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Project Management

Omega Equipment & Supply stands by our clients from consultation to installation. Our robust project management capabilities have earned much praise in the industry, differentiating us from our competitors. Our team of specialists can take on tasks and processes that would be challenging for clients to do themselves. The Omega team can assume the responsibility of coordinating the dozens to hundreds of distinct vendors involved in your project, saving your team valuable time and money. Purchasing equipment through other sellers may leave you stranded, leaving you to devise next steps on your own. Let Omega use its vast expertise to guide you throughout the entire project process.

Project Planning & Meetings

Omega participates in your regular construction calls & meetings with your other consultants and partners. By integrating into your full project team, we are best able to help our clients avoid future, costly problems, and we can anticipate issues well in advance, avoiding the dreaded last minute fire drills. We work closely with all your project professionals including architects, MEP firms, general contractors, HVAC firms and many others. And if you need any of these services, let us help you find the perfect partner from our extensive network of cannabis professionals.

Purchase & Procurement Management

Supply chain issues continue to be some of the biggest challenges that bottle-neck projects and result in missed milestones. With our decades of supply chain management expertise, we can help our clients to mitigate the potential impact of supply chain issues on their projects. Furthermore, we can help our clients manage their capital and save money by helping to set a purchase and procurement schedule. Instead of ordering everything all at once and having it show up “whenever it gets there,” we can strategically plan your purchase schedule to account for lead times and make sure everything lands exactly when it is needed.

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Delivery Management

The two worst things that can happen when you are building out your facility are things that arrive too early and things that arrive too late. You don’t want your expensive equipment sitting outside because you aren’t ready to place it. And when items in your critical path are delivered late, it results in wasted time and money. Omega can help remove some of the bumpiness out of this process. We manage your deliveries with one of our nationwide distribution facilities to properly stage your order for delivery to the job site precisely when you need it. This added layer of control adds predictability and stability to the entire process. This is another key aspect of the Omega difference.

In-Field Verifications & Site Visits

Unlike other providers who may be focused more on profits then the success of your business, Omega provides end-to-end service and support all the way through installation and commissioning (if needed or desired). We share cannabis as a passion and get excited with each successful client. Our specialists can do site visits to your build site as needed during critical phases of the process. These in-field verifications help ensure that our clients are getting exactly what they ordered and that it will perform to the agreed upon specifications. We don’t overlook any detail of the install and we pride ourselves on preparing our customers to operate the equipment they will be using. This includes providing OEM manuals for the client to use in strategic SOP development. We also provide all warranty information to the client. Our goal is to get you up and operating efficiently and profitably, while ensuring you have easy access to all this critical product information.

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