Mop Handles, Mop Buckets, Trash Containers and Cleaning Utensils

Mop Handles, Mop Buckets, Trash Containers and Cleaning Utensils

All businesses need janitorial supplies, and the cannabis industry is no different. However, there are often specialized needs for janitorial supplies depending on the specific needs of various cannabis verticals.

Because of the need to maintain laboratory standards of cleanliness, the right tools and supplies become a necessity to meet health and safety guidelines. This also keeps valuable product from getting contaminated. And although it may be obvious, you want commercially reliable equipment and supplies in your facility’s bathrooms.


Get dirt, grease and and any other mess off your floors with our selection of mop handles and mop heads, high-capacity mop buckets and wringers. You will also find safety cones and wet floor signs to help prevent falls, all available at

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