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Equipment: Managed

Equipment selection is among the most business critical choices an operator must make when standing up a cannabis facility. Hasty, uninformed choices made to accommodate short-term goals can follow you long after you have paid for the wrong equipment. Omega Equipment & Supply helps manage the entire process and strives to be your trusted advisor when it comes to all things equipment. We are there at the beginning your equipment journey and we stay throughout the entire project to ensure that your equipment is delivered and installed exactly how you specified it. That’s the Omega difference.

Cannabis Equipment Specification

Specifying cannabis equipment is all about understanding your goals as a cannabis business. Understanding your desired inputs and outputs is essential in helping you to make the best decisions about the cannabis equipment you need to run your operation efficiently and profitably. Our team will help walk you through this critical phase of planning.

Cannabis Equipment Sourcing

Sourcing is one of the areas of cannabis equipment design where Omega stands apart from the competition and our value shines through to our clients. By using our team to source options for your equipment procurement, you take that workload off your employees and other consultants who may not have the expertise in sourcing equipment and supplies that are crucial for success. We strive to understand your cannabis equipment requirements and we use these to find appropriate equipment options to match your needs.

Image of a Rosin Press and Vacuum Oven

Cannabis Equipment Procurement

Even if you already know exactly what cannabis equipment you want, you still need to procure it. Unfortunately, this isn’t always as simple as it sounds. As part of our robust project management, we can help guide your entire cannabis equipment purchasing and procurement program. With our extensive supply chain experience, we can help save you time and money by recommending purchase schedules that allow you to save your cash while still ensuring that your equipment will be on-site exactly when you need it.

Cannabis Equipment Installation

Unlike our competitors, we won’t simply sell you equipment and walk away. Omega Equipment & Supply assists in the installation and commissioning (if desired) of the cannabis equipment we help our customers to acquire. This can include on-site monitoring of vendor-led equipment installations or simply another set of eyes on the job site to assist your contractors to be sure everything turns out exactly as you specified.

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