Cannabis Processing Equipment & Supplies

Omega Equipment and Supply is the nation’s first full-scale supply chain solution for all forms of cannabis and hemp processing. Omega is a young company with deep roots. And we’re dedicated to helping hemp and weed processing operations succeed by always having access to the right equipment and supplies.

We offer trichome and pollen tumblers for solventless extraction, and Rosin Presses to extract resin for concentrates. We carry magnetic lab stirrers and hot plates for precision mixing, and Buchner funnels for the expedited filtration and removal of solids suspended in a mixture.

Biomass scoops make transitioning flower from storage containers to vertical mixers easy and efficient. Safety goggles help facilitate safe processes for your technicians and staff. Commercial mixers and ovens ensure edibles are cooked consistently batch after batch. If there’s something you need that we don’t have, just let us know and we’ll use our massive, commercial supply chain partnerships to help acquire what you need.