Design+Build by Omega


Full cannabis facility design customized for your needs.

The most productive commercial cannabis facilities are designed as efficiently as possible from the start. You need a partner who not only knows cannabis supplies, but also how to plan an entire building interior – from facility mechanicals to equipment layout.

Omega's Design+Build Team will be your facility design partner by understanding your goals and creating CAD plans that will maximize your output and scale for future expansion. We procure all your required equipment and supplies used in every room of your facility, whether you need extraction machines, edibles kitchen cookware, or sanitation/PPE products.

By working directly with architects, interior designers, construction teams, and equipment vendors, Omega takes the weight of facility design off your shoulders. We create customized solutions for:

  • Cannabis Kitchens
  • Lab & Extraction Layout
  • Cannabis Room Design
  • Stainless Design & Procurement
  • Dispensary Millwork
  • Packaging Rooms
  • + Much more

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