Design+Build by Omega

Thinking of building, expanding, or renovating a space for use in the cannabis industry? Omega’s Design+Build practice is the perfect partner to help you navigate the complexities of facility design from consultation through installation.

Cannabis facility design is a team sport. Omega’s Design+Build team can work alongside your architect, engineer, MEP firm, general contractor, HVAC, and any other consultants you may have engaged. And if you need any of these services, we can connect you with our network of world-class partners to put together a dream team of cannabis professionals.

It’s easy to underestimate how much money can be saved by connecting to professional services from the start. However, although the services we provide are often overlooked or fall through the cracks during project development, we help ensure the work does not get pushed back on the client, leaving them to navigate the complexities of outfitting a facility on their own.

The Omega Advantage

Omega’s team of cannabis professionals work to make your designs a reality. Omega is with you every step of way during the cannabis facility design process. We don’t just make recommendations and then leave it to the client or other consultants to actualize that vision. We work closely with our clients and their subject matter experts to truly understand the business goals you have set out to achieve and tailor our designs to meet those goals.

Future-Focused Design

Many design consultants only think about what is needed to get the initial facility designed and built with no forethought towards future growth. At Omega, we strive to understand your long-term objectives.

Our design and equipment recommendations are based not only on your current goals but also your goals for expansion and growth. We can save you money, time, and frustration by taking your plans for future growth and expansion into account with each strategic decision.

Equipment: Managed

Equipment choices are one of the most challenging aspects of getting your cannabis facility ready for operation. Omega Equipment & Supply has you covered no matter where you are in your facility design journey.

From specification and sourcing to procurement and installation, Omega helps you navigate every step of the way. We take your requirements and source equipment and supplies to meet your specific business needs. We work closely with vendors to ensure that you are getting the right equipment for the job. No need to deal with the dozens if not hundreds of vendors necessary to stand up a cannabis facility. Omega can manage that for you.

Image of Cannabis Indoor Grow and Cannabis Lab With Concentrate

Ongoing Supplies & Support

Omega Equipment & Supply is a partner for the lifecycle of your business. Even after your cannabis facility design is complete and in operation, we have everything you need to run your business efficiently and profitably. Our supplies team can work with you on all your ongoing supply needs for your cannabis facility.

Whether it’s packaging, janitorial/sanitation, disposables, PPE, office supplies, breakroom, storage, and more – Omega has you covered. Manage your purchasers by budget or location – you tell us what works for your business model. We strive to have everything you need to run your cannabis business including cultivation, extraction, processing, manufacturing, and retail.

Coordinating It All

Once all the decisions have been made, it’s time to put it all together on site. This can feel like a three-ring circus with all the moving parts. Let Omega help manage and orchestrate your equipment ordering, delivery, and installation.

With decades of experience in supply chain and logistics in the foodservice and hospitality industries, we know how to effectively manage projects so that equipment arrives precisely when needed. Plus, we can help guide you with purchase scheduling so you can save cash by ordering mission-critical equipment at the right time to have it delivered when it is needed.

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The most productive commercial cannabis facilities are designed as efficiently as possible from the start. You need a partner who not only knows cannabis supplies, but also how to plan an entire building interior – from facility mechanicals to equipment layout.

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