Omega VIP

Omega VIP Program

  • No fees to use the platform
  • No monthly minimums
  • No expectation of exclusivity. Buy where you want.

We believe that if we are doing our jobs correctly, you won’t want to buy anywhere else.

We'll be your supply chain partner, helping you achieve your business goals.

We know you have countless options when it comes to purchasing commercial equipment and supplies for your cannabis business. You need a partner who not only understands the cannabis industry but can act as a single supplier with unmatched sourcing expertise. When you become an Omega VIP, we go all-in to help you succeed.

Omega procures all your required equipment and supplies, offering special pricing and terms to qualified customers. Our global sourcing connections allows us to import directly to you, saving you time, effort, and money. As an Omega VIP, you'll also enjoy simpler business operations and accounting with fewer invoices and vendors to deal with.

Omega VIPs are supported by a dedicated team account executives and industry professionals, offering you:

  • Single supplier solutions
  • Discount pricing opportunities
  • Net-30 terms
  • An expert supply chain and global sourcing team
  • Custom products and catalogs
  • In-house fabrication and manufacturing
  • Easier accounting and taxes
  • Your entire order history at your fingertips

Still not sure if we're right for you? Here are seven reasons you should become an Omega VIP.

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