Floor care is absolutely essential in every cannabis and foodservice operation. Mopping, sweeping and keeping your floor clean is taken very seriously by health inspectors in just about every business where the end-user product is to be consumed. We have mops, commercial mop buckets, floor mats, accessories and more! In stock and ready to ship!


Floor Care

Get the floor mops and brooms you need to keep your floors spotless at Omegastore.com. You will also find the dust pans and mop handles you need, plus the floor cones you need for employee and customer safety.

Order Floor Mops and Brooms

Shop for all the vacuums and floor polishers you need for at a great price at Omegastore.com. Ordering online is fast and easy, with more items shipped out in one to two business days. If you have any questions about our selection of deck and floor brushes or other janitorial supplies or would like to order by phone, please contact Customer Service.