Electric ballasts have made significant headway in the science of grow room lighting and fixtures. Ballasts provide the necessary power to turn on bulbs and lamps, and then sends regulated voltage to one or more lights. When deciding between magnetic or electronic ballasts, you’ll find that electronic ballasts have many advantages over magnetic ballasts.

Unlike magnetic ballasts, electronic ballasts can operate at a much higher frequency, nearly eliminating flicker and reducing noise. They can be adjusted to meet the requirements of 1 light, or over 100 lights. Electronic ballasts generally have lower weight and are less cumbersome to install. Be sure you are getting the most out of your grow lamps and take advantage of the many benefits electronic ballasts have to offer.


Lighting ballasts provide a lamp enough power to turn on, and then regulates the amount of power to the lamp while in operation. Magnetic ballasts are often considered a bit retro, their dependability in providing power to grow lights and other lighting fixtures is well known. With fewer components than electric ballasts, magnetic ballasts are known for their affordability and longevity. In addition, you won’t have to worry as much about pesky, electromagnetic interference.

If you are looking to replace your current magnetic ballast with another or prefer to use magnetic ballasts to support the grow lights in your operation, we have magnetic ballasts from one of the industry leaders, Sun System. Not sure if magnetic ballasts are for you? Check out our selection of electric ballasts as well!